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What is Self Enquiry?

Self Enquiry is an app which answers your questions. The Self here is the consciousness, the higher self or the essence of all of us, the ultimate reality. When you are seeking knowledge and ask a question to the Self, it talks back. This is introspection. Self Enquiry is like an assisted introspection.

You can download it from here (Android):

Or try the Web app:

It is not magic, your question will be answered by humans. So it can take a while for the answer to arrive. Isn't that cheating? No, because the Self is the one and the same in all of us. It is merely using another body and mind to provide an answer. It can talk directly to you also, try it. You are it, as a matter of fact.

Any questions related to the spiritual or philosophical topics are welcome. Topics such as the Self, consciousness, metaphysics, mind, worlds, spiritual practices, spiritual theories and experiences etc are most suitable. Anything which has political, religious, violent or inappropriate content will be ignored by Self Enquiry. This app is not suitable for asking about your personal problems, medical issues or social/legal matters.

You may receive an answer which can change your life for the better, set you on a great path, or can solve a big puzzle, can show you a better way or can make your mind, which is being troubled by ignorance, peaceful.

It is completely anonymous. The Q&A gets published and is in public domain.

Self Enquiry is an advanced version of the earlier app called Self Talk. It is redeveloped using the experience gained via the Self Talk app. Most noticeably, it now requires the users to do a self evaluation. The Spiritual Quotient app is now integrated into Self Enquiry. You will notice the SQ score forms a part of the question header, it is attached to all your questions.

For more information, please refer to the Help page in the app or on the website. And if you wish you can ask for more information here on the forum or can report a problem etc.