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Identifying Oneness

Is what is actually "I," the "oneness"?

 I'm asking about the "I" free of mis-identification.


Re: Identifying Oneness

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Yes the I is none other than the oneness.
The I is the experiencer. The not-I is all that which is experienced.
The oneness can be defined as non-separation of the experiencer and the experience.
Not two.
You can do that by first certainly establishing the essence of I, which is the Self (or the experiencer or the pure consciousness), and then try to find a separation of any kind between the experiencer and the experience.
It is a direct knowing that there is no separation. Define separation however you like. Separation in space, in time, in quality etc.
Another hint is that they appear always together. There is no experience without an experiencer and vice versa.
When the dividing tendency of the mind is stopped, the oneness is all that is left.