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Self Talk is now Self Enquiry!

Self Talk is now Self Enquiry!

There are some changes in the app, but it is essentially the same. It now has a completely new backend and a brand new database on the server. It also has autoresponses where the user immediately gets an answer if there is an answer available to the same question in the database.

It now has integrated spiritual quotient app, and it is a mandatory requirement to go through the quiz and do the self evaluation before you can ask a question. This will cut down the number of irrelevant questions or chat like queries we get often from people who do not know what this app is for and think its a messaging or chatting bot.

There are also more improvements like a check answer button, in case Android decide to kill its polling service which checks for answers and there are some bug fixes.

A web version of Self Enquiry is being developed for those who do not like phone apps or do not use Android phones. (Under construction as on date)

Hopefully this will benefit the community even more and will be an enjoyable and educational experience for all.