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Who is answering and who is asking?

Self Talk is absolutely anonymous.

You do not need to even provide a nick name. Self Talk does not identify you in any way, however it does send app debug data to the server occasionally which has some technical data but no user information of any kind.

This is purposeful. The Self needs no identification, name, email, language, location or gender. All it needs to hear is a question.

Similarly, the users do not see the identity of those who are answering. They are ordinary people and it is not essential to know them, all you need to see is an answer.

If the answer is useful or helpful, very well, else just throw it away or ask something else.

If you are wondering why the answers are not conversational in nature or why the Self does not seem to know that it was you who asked the last question, then do not worry, it is because the app is identity-free.

Many apps and sites collect user info, even the minutest details, in order to target them for ads or to sell the data to someone else. Self Talk is free from such mess, and will remain free.