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How to be compassionate towards cruel people?

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 tell me about finding strenghet and compassion to forgive  those who choice to ignore your limits by harrasment and tactics to purposely force a reaction from you,  when you try to cope with the situation by not reacting to what they come up with by choice of actions.  It hurts to see what they are capable to do, even when they know how much it affects me and cause pain, and mistrust?

How do you choose compassion for your next one over and over again, and the words by I, THE SELF is not respected and again ignored and you know you can't do anything about the situation?

Probably its a case of incorrect life goals. Do you really want to be compassionate, or do you prefer to do something useful with your life?

Compassion simply means not harming anyone or anything, letting everything as it is or trying to make it better if possible. It is not a set of behaviours, it is a state of being. How can you become compassionate simply by choosing this or that action? Can a rock choose to not be a rock, can gold choose to not be gold? You can change them outwardly by painting them, but their nature will remain as it is. It is not possible to become compassionate by choice. It is impossible to become kind by force of will or some cheap trick. It is either your nature or not. This nature shows up in the external behaviour.

Never make compassion as your life goal.

Choose happiness and freedom as your goal. A happy person is naturally compassionate. A free person is naturally happy. Can a free and happy person harm others? Only miserable people harm others, are full of hate and cause pain. Its their nature.

If compassion means becoming a doormat and letting others cause harm, then better not choose it. As you can see, it is promoting harm and suffering, it is exactly opposite of compassion. As long as there is suffering there cannot be compassion or kindness or unconditional love.

How to be free from suffering? The cause is never others or situations. It is always a desire or attachment. Probably there is a desire to remain in that situation, probably there is attachment with others. As long as there is a desire and attachment, the suffering will continue, and the ego will keep blaming the other or the situation for it. As long as there is this ignorance that the situations and others are responsible for my suffering, others and situations will not change, they will continue to be there as a lesson. See that people and situations are not there to provide happiness to us, they are there to teach us lessons.

As soon as you learn the lesson and implement it, embody it, it will be over. Another lesson will begin. Lessons transmute the rock into gold. Those who learn quickly, turn to gold quickly.