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How do I connect with my guides?

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How do I connect with my guides?

Its best to take guidance from a living master. A Guru who lives nearby. More exotic ways are possible, but the knowledge is exactly the same. The essential knowledge is here and now, in this world, available from ordinary humans. Seek someone who is experienced, and speaks your language, so there are no communication issues, no ambiguity, no magic required.

A spirit guide is nothing but a disembodied mind, once it was a human. A very wise human. Anyhow, their guidance is ever present. Often new students do not recognize it, because it is in ordinary style, they expect some magic and therefore reject it.

They can guide us, simply because they are older, more experienced and know more. They know where everything is going, and how to not get stuck on the way. They can inform us that if we do not grow consciously, we may dissolve back into simplicity and get recycled again and again. Such minds often take up a lower body and appear in our world just to teach. Many of them work behind the curtains, and their teachings and guidance is available to all those who have a strong desire to know and improve. It appears in the mind directly, as an idea, an inspiration, as insights, and it can appear in the world, as a guru, a friend, as a coincidence. We can grow faster, and avoid mistakes, pains and suffering, if we seek guidance from those who are higher and knowledgeable.

Just make a strong intention to learn, and ask. However, there are no miracles, you will always get exactly that which you need in order to grow. Know well that the guides are not there to please you or to bring heavenly experiences of some kind. It can get uncomfortable also, as most of the progress involves letting go, not accumulating more.

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