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Topic: What is the use of answers, if it is just more mental activity? (Read 30 times) previous topic - next topic

What is the use of answers, if it is just more mental activity?

Self Enquiry 1.0.0 2019-09-18 19:14:57 SQ: 78

What is the use of gaining answers to questions since all answers are in a language and language is just a creation of the mind...?

The question is more useful, not the answer.
A question is a sign that the student is open for knowledge, wants to know. And now a skillfully crafted answer is all that is needed to destroy that question and point to ones direct experience, direct seeing, not hindered, not occluded by the question or the answer. Use mind to kill the mind. Language is just mental activity.
Ignorance brings questions, knowledge brings silence. Questioning is the beginning of destruction of ignorance. Knowledge is not gained via the answer, knowledge is a result of seeing directly. The knowledge is not in mental activity, it is here and now. The answer is only a way to kill the mind and its questions.
So on the path of knowledge, there are no answers, only seeing, and a pile of dead questions.