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I realized Self but I don't get any blissful states. Why?

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I realised Self but i don't get any blissful states. Why?

Of course you will never get it.
How can one get that which one already is?
You are bliss yourself. Where are you searching for it?
All that needs to be done is removal of beliefs that I am an experience of some kind which is not blissful and that blissful experience is somewhere out there to be gotten by hook or crook or by some exotic practices.

When someone says I-realized-Self, that simply means he realized nothing at all, except perhaps some intellectual concepts. Because Self realization is the total destruction of the I, the identity or the individual. The Self is seen as being not-this, not-that, not any experience, not any individual. This can be done by an investigation into the nature of I, the Self enquiry method. Who am I, what am I, what is the essence of I? Remember the Self is, I is not. I is not identical to the Self, the I is merely a thought being witnessed by the Self. A concept created by the mind for the purpose of survival of the body. Sometimes it is said that you are the Self, which is a short form of saying that the essence of I and everything is one reality, which is pure empty universal infinite consciousness. It is not something which the individual gets, it is not something which can be lost. It is your true nature.

Can the wave get the water? Can it lose it? The wave is not, the water is.

Bliss is often thought of as a restful state of the mind devoid of pleasure, pain, desires, worries, happiness or sadness. Its possible.
A nondual state. State of being the Self. Pure awareness. This, of course, does not last. True bliss is abiding as Self irrespective of the state of the mind.

Awareness is the sky. Mental activity is like clouds. Sky is blissful, peaceful, unperturbed. Clouds are chaos, running around aimlessly. Thunder, rain and water. Sky is unmoved, blissfully allowing this activity.

The mind can have any state irrespective of the intellectual knowledge it has. Some people know the Self intellectually. It is fine, but they do not abide as Self. When one abides as Self, all the activities of the mind, including the running after bliss or whatever are seen as not-I, merely passing experiences. This means that now the attention has shifted to being a witness from being an I-the individual desirous of bliss etc.

If the bliss is not seen, nor understood, it simply means that Self realization did not happen. Probably a glimpse, but nothing more than that. Self realization should lead to a more and more blissful, and peaceful mind. But as long as there is an identification that I am the one who realized it, then such states will remain elusive. I is always miserable. Self is always bliss. One cannot get it, become it, one can only discriminate. Know the difference between that which experiences and that which is experienced. That which experiences has no states, is changeless, and so is bliss, infinite peace.

Abide as the Self. Whenever there is thinking or wanting, attend to that which witnesses thinking or wanting. Whenever there are I-thoughts, attend to that which witnesses the I, me, mine, I want, I do, I could, I should etc thoughts. This is bliss. The Self is blissful no matter what is the state of the mind.

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