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Topic: How to know if there is anything apart from this one individual mind? (Read 37 times) previous topic - next topic

How to know if there is anything apart from this one individual mind?

Self Enquiry 1.0.0 2019-10-07 21:41:56 SQ: 75

A doubt rises in the mind that maybe all there is is one individual mind.

But the problem is mind looking to experience other minds to get it verified but itself an experience.

How to introspect on this?

Start by knowing what is mind.

A simple definition of the mind is - all that is being experienced. Now it can be immediately seen that there is nothing individual about what is being experienced. The world, people, creatures, body and mental events are all there is. These experiences are being limited by the limitation of body and senses. This gives rise to the illusion of an isolated individual.

The question is - how to get past the limitations of body and senses? It will happen naturally when the body is destroyed. If there is enough awareness the experience is more or less limitless. A yogi can do that without dying via special practices. A gyani will simply look at the current experience and can understand it as the universal mind.

A better definition of the mind is - it is a memory. A metaphysical pattern with infinite potential. Just like a screen is just pixels (dots) but can display infinite number of images. The memory can appear in infinite ways. Since it is infinite, it cannot be experienced at once, so there appears patterns that limit it to a small area, and now the experience becomes meaningful. In the waking state the patterns called body and senses limit the experience to a small area of the universal memory (universal mind). This provides the illusion of an individual. It is possible to enlarge the area being perceived or to perceive other areas of the universal mind via practice. The enlargement can happen naturally also, e.g. in dreaming state or after death or during extraordinary experiences.

A dream character perceives a limited memory and assumes that it is all there is. Upon waking up, more can be perceived, including the tiny world of dream. Take one more step, as below so above.

There is no limitation except the self imposed limitation of a human form. In other words, the boundaries of the individual are just ignorance, a belief - I am limited. Once the ignorance is cleared, there is no limitation. Start by questioning the assumption that the mind is limited and isolated. Know the difference between a limited mind and limited perception.

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