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How to handle frustration?

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How can I calm down when I'm frustrated?

Frustration is a state of the mind, which happens usually when its desires are not fulfilled.
Its not your state, your state is always of a witness consciousness.
Similarly calm mind is another mental state, not your state. You do not have states, you are changeless witness, pure consciousness. States come and go, you remain.

Once you disidentify with ever changing mental states, it will be possible to manipulate them. Not before.
To disidentify, bring in the awareness of what you are essentially - the witnessing consciousness. This objectifies the mind and its activities. Those are seen as events in the mind, not as I or me.

See that frustration or any other emotion or mental activity is just a reaction of the mind. There was a need or a desire and it was not fulfilled, so there is a reaction now. Let it be, just observe curiously. Mind is a machine, see how it works. Any attempts to oppose this activity is another activity. Once seen, the mind shifts into a more peaceful state. Now it can use intelligence instead of emotions or reactions. Now it can be used to find alternatives, options other ways to do that which needs to be done. If it is really necessary, the mind will use its intelligence and resources to solve the issue, else it finds it unnecessary and drops the actions.

With awareness it is possible to make the mind more rational and useful. Awareness is the key, which is the knowledge of your own essence. Awareness is above mind, and so can be effective in fixing the mind. The mind cannot fix itself effectively. Rise above the mind. You are not the mind or its states or its activities. Look at the activities of the mind as not-I. So when there is frustration, the thought can be - I am witnessing a state of frustration which is due to such and such situation, the mind is reacting to this situation. Instead of your old thought, which was I am frustrated, which is an error, ignorance about your essential nature. This realization will give you a control over the mind. Now instead of dwelling in negative useless states, it can be used to do something useful.

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