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What brought me to this life?

Self Enquiry 1.0.0 2019-10-24 04:02:08 SQ: 77

What brought me to this life?

You are life itself!
You cannot be brought to life and life cannot be taken away from you.
You are the pure witness consciousness. Can there be any life without you?

What you call this life, is a particular experience. Experiences keep changing, they never stop. It is their nature. So we can say, the experience appeared, thats all.
If you take a look around, the experiences are not so random even if they continuously change. There is a cause, a chain of events before it. The causes are stored in a memory called the causal body, which is a part of the mind. These impressions produce a unique experience every time they are expressed. The new experiences go back into the memory and affect it in some way, changing future experiences.

So there is probably an infinite chain of causes till present. Which is not very meaningful. A more meaningful question to ask is - now that you are here, what is the path forward?

In other words, what should be the purpose of ones life, what should be your goal here? This question will change your life. If all we take with us are impressions, memories, and nothing else, what impressions would you like to take with you and what corresponding experiences you want? Meditate on this question and align your goals accordingly. Probably we may never know the door that lead us into this house, but we surely know the door which will take us out.