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Is it possible to overcome physical pain for a self realized person?

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Is it possible to overcome physical pain by an self realized person?

Self realization simply means the direct knowledge that the person is an illusion. The person does not become self realized, the person is seen as unreal.
This however will not make the person or the body (and pains and pleasures) disappear. Everything remains as it is, only now, it is seen as illusory. This does cause detachment, and consequently liberation from the person, body and the world. This is a permanent solution.

As long as there is a body, there will be normal activity of the body. Pains and pleasures are same. Just signals being sent by the body. There should not be any need to destroy this perfectly useful feature. Without pain, the mind will never know if something is wrong in the body, and the body will drop dead receiving no care or treatment. A realized person knows this well, uses his intelligence, and lets the body function normally.

It is best to liberate oneself completely from this bodily existence for once and for all, rather than trying hook or crook, or meddling with the workings of mother nature.

Anyhow, the path of tantra (occult) provides ways to control the body, and it may involve lessening the pain and curing of diseases that cause the pain. These are the famous healing techniques. Many claim to do so, but most are fakes. Body is a part of the mind, and its control comes with lifelong practice. It is recommended to practice under an experienced teacher. It should be noted that tantra has higher goals, not only healing. Healing simply means that you get the same old body.

If all the above is beyond your reach and the pain is unbearable, please consult a good doctor. Medicines and a healthy lifestyle can help. Pain is a lesson, it teaches us that if we abuse this beautiful instrument, the consequences can be bad. Bad food, bad environment, substance addictions etc has resulted in diseases, these are the fruits of your own actions. Now it is time to make amends, learn. Without fruits the mind will never mature. Most are on this path of evolution, via suffering. A seeker takes a painless shortcut. Acts with awareness and knowledge.

If the pain is due to normal decay of the body (old age), then a seeker would simply surrender the body to natural forces instead of clinging to it. Ageing is most natural and so is death. There is clinging and fear because an ignorant person thinks that he is a body. The body is an experience, you are the experiencer, the experience will end soon. There should not be any need to keep it going, just like we do not keep wearing the old torn clothes or do not try to drive broken rusted cars. We change them when the time comes. If the body has broken beyond repair, has finished its job, it will be recycled. This is most rational and natural. Clinging and ignorance are real problems, not old age, death or pain.

The use of a physical body is to provide a learning experience, this experience of life. There is no other use. We are not meant to fix it, we are meant to leave it here and head to other experiences, more learning. Who would want to be here, going through same old lessons, forever?

Know via your own experience the unreality of body and the world. Know your true nature, be free, be blissful.