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How to become less attached?

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How to become less attached

It is not you, the mind has attachments. Or preferences. It clings or is repulsed. It can be anything that brings momentary happiness, security or helps in survival of the body. You are the silent witness of this mental activity. You are detached and pure forever.

Unfortunately it is not possible to fix this tendency of the mind. It maintains itself via various attachments, including the attachment to the body. Destroying all attachment would simply destroy the mind and the creature. But we can at least get rid of negative attachments or unnecessary attachments. Negative attachment is any attachment or dependency that is causing suffering. Attach to something positive, something more refined and useful.

Have a bigger life goal, which should not be about objects, people, relations, achievements, social status etc. These are lowly goals, they bring negative attachments and result in nothing but suffering. The goal should be something great, like a spiritual goal, a goal to free oneself and others from suffering and bondage. Walk on the spiritual path. Know and teach. All your lower attachments will disappear, as the mind finds a superior meaning in a bigger goal.

Attach to a greater life goal. It is not a selfish goal, it is a self oriented goal. You are the Self, and so is everything and everyone. We all are one. Realize this and end all attachments. When there is only one, what can I attach to?