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Thank you for creating this platform. On the one hand I can't see a thing  or any "other" to talk about, on the other hand I'm grateful for knowing all experience to be pointing out my very nature. In spite of all sinfulness and hardship in time I suddenly was clear about all experience beeing my true and timeless self. I have listened over and over to nondual teachings, but I never found a "personal" guru or a sangha. My path was rather lonely, but I know that all is well. Grace brought me here. I bow to brahman my true self, which doesn't know the veil of personhood. Realizing the true self is deep peace.
Thanks you. Thank you. Thank you.
Life is satsang. Love is the tool to unfold the wondreous power of the absolute. Love and you will effortlessly express yourself and bless life for the benefit of all being ultimately the supreme.


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There are no questions left. Im not curious anymore, I am already fulfilled. I somehow kept the divine child within me, now it is free to play and enjoy. Nonetheless lovely to know that I will be able to listen to your podcasts. It is pure delight. Presenting the highest truth in a humble and genuine way, you may still look at yourself as a seeker but I see the master shining in your nectarlike explanations.  Thank you.
 As Rumi put it,
Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.

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Spiritual seekers are the real hedonists.